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The Design

We make it personal.

Creating a design for your website that will be able to attract your customers to your products is indeed one of the most challenging parts of the online marketing process. This is why we have a variety of options and choices that are  flexible and effective to help you build a powerful and lasting brand image.

Branding & Corporate Identity

The “look and feel” of your website will be largely determined by the kind of business you are in. BergMedia sources only the best designs and themes from top designers around the world, and then customizes them to suit your needs. We will help you to create the story and image you want your brand to have from the logo right down to the copy.

Web Design

We design pages with the best templates and design techniques in the industry. Our web developers will at all times be perfectly aware of your requirements and the brand image you have in mind; and we will then create a design that seamlessly fits your products. We make sure that the pages contain sharp, crisp images that are sure to attract viewers and at the same time, we optimize the pages so that they will be loading quickly and smoothly. Our designers are experts in using Illustrator and Photoshop and can help you develop simple, yet efficient designs for your site.

Mobile & Alternative Platforms

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it is extremely important for your website to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Therefore, we can build a website for you where user interaction is kept down to a minimum but the information is as rich as possible and can be accessed in the most efficient and intuitive way.


Once your website is developed and hosted, it needs to be constantly upgraded in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Thus, to ensure that your website runs smoothly and provides the maximum benefit for your business, we will make full use of our Web analysis, e-commerce and content management services.

Content Management System

Our complete Content Management System will take into account the specific goals of your business and then develop a unique system for you that will help control, update and effectively run the website on the Internet, without the help of any additional software. 

E – Commerce

We develop and give shape to a host of custom-made software and programming solutions, as well as valid e-Commerce SSL Certificates and verification badges, to create a complete e-commerce solution for your online business.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

BergMedia will work towards finding the best web hosting solution for your website, with tremendously fast uptime, speed and flexibility.

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